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Container, Environs of Pardubice


The project represented a challenge involving avoiding a feeling of crampedness on a construction area of 24 square metres. During the design process we opened the building up more in an outward fashion in particular so as to make it suddenly a picture of the quiet surrounding countryside which contains more deer than people. These were the reasons why we decided for full glazed walls along both longer sides and a large-scale light the height of the room (3.40 m). The miniature building provides all necessary comforts for short-term stays. Apart from a small dwelling space there is also a niche for a work table, a floor for sleeping, a bathroom with a chemical toilet and storage spaces. We “parked“ the container and adjoining wooden terrace on rail road sleepers so as to prevent it interfering with the construction process and so as to make maximum use of the picturesque views. The wooden-board construction is supplemented in terms of material by OSB boards, floor and ceiling boards and Cetris boards. The protruding wooden lamellar grates can be turned outward over the terrace thus providing an increased pleasant shaded sitting area.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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