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Clever Homes LLC Prefabs Joins Forces With Premier Building Systems


Scott Redmond, CEO of Clever Homes LLC, an innovative multidisciplinary home design and construction systems company, and Ken Hawkins, general manager of Premier Building Systems, America’s largest panelized systems producer, announce a joint venture to develop new generations of materials and systems integration that will deliver precision-engineered, system-built homes for America. This is one of the largest manufacturing ventures for modern system-built homes in recent history. Homes have been built the same way for over 40 years, yet government- and industry-sponsored innovation has provided solutions which allow homes to be produced faster, better, more safely, and at lower cost. Few if any homes that are built today fully implement these proven new technologies. The JV announced today will leverage Premier’s nationwide manufacturing facilities and panelized systems experience with Clever Homes’ innovative, integrated architectural and technical capabilities to deliver beautiful, sustainable, high-quality modern homes with extensive potential for customization. Home projects using these systems are already underway in the U.S. According to Redmond, the homes produced from this joint venture will provide the best value, durability, and design flexibility of any homes in their class. The innovative homes are built using a proprietary panelized construction system featuring patent pending technologies, construction tools, and processes created jointly by Clever Homes and Premier. These advances in building systems will be integrated into the Clever Homes signature designs. “We are excited by the opportunity to work with Premier,’ says Redmond, “and to develop a new generation of panels that will improve the quality and efficiency of our homes as well as lower the cost and time to construct. This venture provides a home construction solution that is light years ahead of that used by any other panel provider or builder.’ “Premier will work with Clever Homes to revolutionize how homes are built in the U.S.,’ states Premier’s Ken Hawkins. “We believe our manufacturing and product expertise in panels is a perfect match with the panel-based designs and digital-based processes of Clever Homes. Every two hours, our facilities will be able to manufacture one home of the highest quality and the most sophisticated design possible in next-generation, off-site constructed homes.’ Clever Homes LLC is a multidisciplinary home design and construction systems company with headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The company promotes and develops proprietary building systems that integrate existing technologies while advancing and improving prefabricated construction methods. From core building materials to finishes and fixtures, Clever Homes make the most of existing technology, powerful partnerships and their own patent pending engineering. Full page ads can be seen in Dwell Magazine. Clever will be available at the PCBC Builders show at Moscone Center in San Francisco June 16-18, 2004. Home projects are underway with a number of celebrity and showcase customers. Clever is currently offering it’s CH showcase series homes. Other series, for various markets, will be announced in future years.

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