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City Interventions


The City Interventions project could have many faces. Its main idea was to try to find points, places and situations in our capital, which were considered working incorrectly res.

Bringing to its citizens less than they would have to. In many cases it is going on the places, which have been seemingly subject to a mass resignation and which have not been found offering a possibility of profit making. We would like to go far beyond their exploration; we would like to try to find and to propose some feasible solutions for them. We believe that small changes could sometimes (relatively often in the city context) bring a huge effect. Our project is a cross-point of several interests: city officers, but also citizens, architects and artists, amiable philosophists as well as top specialists. The project is not about generation of profits or bombastic promises; it should try to bring some changes.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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