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Cinema Světozor - reconstruction


Cinema Světozor, Prague The reconstruction of this centre for film clubs and independent festivals was a genuine challenge for the architect and cinema fan. It involved an attempt at limiting the tendency to over-design, while enjoying oneself and at the same time fulfilling the commission. There was an interest in improving the level of the cinema, opening the space to a wider sphere of the public and stimulating both curiosity and fantasy. The design was experimented with, while the structure was improvised on (with a smaller amount of financing than assumed when undertaking the project). All of this under the supervision of friendly investors. The spaces of the cinema have been freed from additions from the past while preserving the original authentic elements (the display cases, tiles, etc.). The interiors are black and white, supplemented by colour film scenes. Upon entering the cinema spaces the visitor becomes part of a fi lm shot, part of a game. When does the hero of the film arrive and who am I? Where am I and how is time passing? This game is taking place both in the foyer of the cinema (black) as well as in the toilets (white). The bar is white, simple, lit up with film tiles from one scene. The large hall is black and soft (textile) with the red logo of the cinema printed in pixel form onto the seats.

Foto: Andrea Lhotáková, Jan Rasch / Kino Světozor


source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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