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Canadian Embassy in Prague


In the beginning, there was the site of a neglected historic palatial villa with the plan to build a new modern Canadian Embassy, and reconstruct the existing villa for a residence and representational functions. In the end, after going through a complex transformation, there is a modern embassy complex linking history and presence together with the client's intentions. The primary concept represents a close relation of the existing villa and a rudimentary volume of the new embassy building. Simple, smooth, dark and gently reflecting, a contemporary building stands in contrast with a solid and articulated eclectic architecture of the villa.Two buildings are connected by a floating glass screen which also serves as a gateway to the official entrance. When entering under the glass architrave with the historic building being mirrored in a slightly bent reflective glass facade of the new embassy, one experiences the reflection of the past in present day. The juxtaposition of modern elegance and historic style results in a highly representative architectural expression.

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