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Café-bar, Staré Město


u Uherského Hradiště The owners of a small pension succeeded in purchasing the neighbouring building of an old family house of the countryside type. The commission involved designing and realising a café with a bar ‘in the modern spirit’ over an extremely short time and without the possibility of radical construction adaptations to the already reconstructed building.

The space with dimensions 3,5 – 4 x 11 metres did not offer many layout possibilities. The bar counter is situated at the front of the space providing the fi nest view of the area. The steel construction of the bar counter is clad with particle boards sealed and treated with paint. A number of the appliances are situated under the bar counter while others are integrated into the niches of the side placed walls, thereby becoming an integrated part. The niches of the front wall serve for displaying both the drinks and glasses. They are lit up by yellow neon which serve to also penetrate the dark parts of the interior. The interior is given an increased sense of space by the high refl ections. This is further enhanced by the inserted transparent chairs (design P. Starck) which serve to lighten the space. The primary function of the ceiling is to visually contain the oddly rising piece of concrete staircase, cover up the air-conditioning technology and at the same time compensate for the absence of a view of a landscape or a street with a view of ‘something interesting’ inside the interior. Last but not least, it should also dull the acoustics of the interior.

The ceiling was carried out with a parametric design method involving the fi rst realisation of digital architecture in the Czech Republic. The basic consideration behind the parametric design was to create an instrument which would not only serve to seek out a shape and its testing in visualisations, but also serve for the actual realisation. For this purpose we developed a universal instrument with the name ‘Wooden Waves’ making this approach possible. It was created as a GDL – Geometric Description Language element which is part of ArchiCAD software.

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