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Building of the new station will be commenced in 2009


The building of the new station in Brno should be commenced latest before the end of 2009 and will in comparison with the existing one be moved 800 metres south from the centre. This was announced by the investor, the state organization of the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC). It means that the alternative reconstruction of the Brno railway junction with a station in the current location, which was also considered, has been dropped.

The state organization of the Railway Infrastructure Administration should have the feasibility study, which is necessary for the drawing of European grants, before the end of this year. The project documentation will be prepared after that. Should the station remain at the current location the investor would lose the grants as this intention is not prepared “Preparation of a completely new project would take at least 6 to 7 years. And European grants between the periods 2007-2013 must be invested within the time scale of two years from the end of the this period which would not be possible. We will either do nothing or will continue with the original plan,” said the of mayor of Brno, Roman Onderka


The town council even had a professional analysis of both variants done during the holiday. The examination of the alternatives is also one of the conditions for the drawing of European grants and the other aim of the analysis was, according to Roman Onderka, to find both the strong and weak points of the individual alternatives. The origina project is now being modified on the basis of their results. Total reconstruction costs have so far been reduced from CZK 30 to approximately 20 billion.

The reconstruction of the Brno railway junction comprises severa buildings. The first one is a building of storage sidings where the trains will be dutifully connected, repaired and cleaned and that commenced this October and will be completed in the middle of 2009. Thereafter the building of a new passenger station and modernization of a carriage way will be commenced. The state organization of the Railway Infrastructure Administration would like to obtain around CZK seven billion from European grants.

The project of the Brno railway junction reconstruction accounts with the abolishing of the historical route in the town centre and with the utilizing and modernizing of the freight way The last part of the projects includes the reconstruction of the town nfrastructure which will be commenced next year. The town of Brno and the South Moravian region will share the costs by approximately CZK 3.5 billion.


Source: Development News

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