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Bee World, Hulíce, Benešov

The reconstruction of a former school from the 19th century into an interactive museum devoted to the world of bees, including the design of the interior. The building is on a hillock in the centre of the municipality. The design preserved the original construction and elements. The life of bees is connected with a healthy environment; the construction principles and materials used were therefore as natural as possible. The elementary composition of the large and small parallelepipeds with a saddle roof connected by a passageway is renewed by the removal of the later extension. An enlivening motif of the building is the insertion of an inner hall, which spatially connects the exposition halls on the individual floors. Each hall has its specific atmosphere and spatial effect; the diversity and feeling of the expansion of the museum is noticeable. The cells of the honeycomb will not be filled with honey and pollen but with information and exhibits.

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