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AUSYS IT, Ostrava-Vítkovice

office building, AUSYS IT

Replaced the former workers' housing, social periphery in the city centre, in neighbourhood of the Vítkovice ironworks. Endless faades of factory buildings mutually interconnected by steel truss bridges with life-giving media. The concept of the building is based on the semantic character of this place. The office building of a company engaged in providing LAN building and system support is located in the levitating truss structure. It is a media carrier - ideas flowing into the simple volume of the hall. The steel bearing structure in the form of a bridge structure levitating on concrete footings is visible on the building's exterior. The structure is coated with anthracite paint and stands out against the white cladding, made of PUR sandwich panels. The building is united by a galvanized grate that prevents thieves from trespassing in the building. Conversely, the hall has a steel bearing structure inside and contrasts with the office with its simple white mass.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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