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Apartment Building Kopečná, Brno


This residential block serves to close off and newly demarcate the corner of Kopečná and Leitnerova streets. The protruding street front on Leitnerova street provides suffi cient sunlight and lighting to the western side of the building creating a semi-private space in front of the entrance to the structure and connecting up the street fronts with the corner house. The street front on Kopečná street links up with the already standing building on land plot 1174 through the employment of a protruding bay window due to the retreating line of the construction land. Front gardens exist in front of the entrance from Leitnerova street in order to provide safety for children and for aesthetic reasons. The buildings are divided up into 4 fl ats – 3 facing out on Leitnerova street and one onto Kopečná. The fl ats on Leitnerova are based upon the staircase principle with an east-west orientation. The fl ats on Kopečná have a north-south orientation with supplementary light from the western side. The staircase core is situated on the northern side. All of the entrances are handicapped accessible. There is a room for bicycles and prams on the entrance fl oor. Entrance to the garages with 88 parking places, basement storage areas and rubbish facilities in the underground levels of the buildings are accessible via the core.

source: magazine ARCHITEKT­­

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